Chapter 125 – The Story of A Low Rank Soldier Becoming A Monarch [Novel]


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“A hundred soldiers, they even brought weapons with them. You didn’t think the Count would sit idly by and watch that, did you?”

I wondered why Hulken came. Did he came as a debt collector?

Hulken, the man who was alone with me, spoke comfortably. My baron’s status doesn’t seem to matter to this guy.

Well, I shouldn’t be surprised, since he’s the guy who cut the count’s throat.

“No, I didn’t ask you to bring it. Why are you arguing with me?”

So I spoke informally, too.

I’m not the same person I used to be anymore. Now I can fight Hulken head to head.

“You’ve grown a lot, Chris.”

Said Hulken with a smile. Why is that smile so creepy?

“Should be about the same height now. Maybe.”

I grew a lot because I’m still growing.

“So the weapons that came with 100 soldiers are the problem?”

No, It’s not like that.

Weehain, he’s petty, but Hulken, acted because of that?

He still smiled and said.

“I just came.”

To be honest, I was a little nervous, but there was no reason to be.

“I’ll give you soldiers and weapons as gifts.”

It looks like you’re doing well under Weehain. But regardless of the future I am going to bring Hulken to my side.

He doesn’t seem to be a vessel I can do well with yet. He was still huge, insidious and unpredictable.

“Have you improved your skills compared to before?”

“Well, a little bit.”

“You must have grease on your belly from the royal palace.”

It seems like he’s trying to pick a fight with me.

Without fail, this man is also a knight. A knight full of fighting spirit.

He stimulated me with his sneaky killing intent. A thrilling sensation went through my whole body.

An invisible sword cut my left thigh. That’s strange.

He wore the sword on his left side and slashed while pulling it out. Actually, my right thigh should have been cut, but my left thigh was cut instead.

I was wondering what kind of method it was. I held Blueish(spear) and showed willingness to attack.

I pictured a series of actions of twisting my body with the spear, changing my posture and gaining momentum just like that movement. My killing energy and Hulken’s began to blend in.

And just before the encounter.


I heard a voice urgently looking for me.


A soldier who opened the door and came in gulped with an exhale. I relaxed my energy and glanced at Hulken.

When the tension between the two of us disappeared, the soldier exhaled and gasped

“I think you should go right now!”

The soldier’s voice was urgent. As soon as I heard him, I thought of what could happen today.

It wasn’t late at night, but it was when the sun went down. Tomorrow, the nobles who have visited will return, and the Viscount Dutch must be waiting for me.

What’s so serious about that? Anyone who has an idea would say it quitely and leave.

“Now Squire Alice… … .”

Alice’s current job is to be in charge of security.


“Tell me as you go.”

Finding me when something happened and even though Alice was there means that she couldn’t solve it alone. I asked the soldier who called me.

“Where is it.”

“Over by the central road.”

“Take the lead.”

Although it was frustrating to try to make the soldier run ahead, I couldn’t just run there blindly.

What is reassuring is that there is only one person in the territory right now who can harm Alice, and that person was with me a while ago.

In other words, no one in the territory can take action against her by force right now.

She is a Squire and her Master is Chris Fraunmunt. At the end of the appointment ceremony, no one told her what she was supposed to do.

There was nothing changed after becoming a Squire. I thought to myself.

‘I hope she didn’t kill someone.’

Although completely unaware of the nobleman’s problems, the moment you kill someone the situation becomes complicated.

What’s more, the moment you hold the sword, you realize that the other person is beneath you. That was the kind of thing that could be naturally comprehended without anyone telling.

“Who are you bitch!”

Unless he’s the only one here in the world, seeing what he’s talking about, he’s quite a clogged up guy.

It made her feel bad, but Alice didn’t dare let it bother her. There were other things that were important, so she concentrated on those.


His elbow was cut and he was bleeding. The man did not scream.

“He’s dead.”

Someone saw it and said.

A person doesn’t necessarily die if his arm is cut off. They may die if they are cut and bleed, but they usually live through quick treatment.

But that doesn’t mean that they live unconditionally. Sometimes they die of pain and shock. I think he could have lived if I had come a little earlier.

The man who died was out of luck.

“Did you do it?”

Alice looked at the other party.

If it was her usual self, she would have drawn her sword and killed the other party. I wanted to do that too.

She didn’t feel the least bit guilty about killing. The training she had received had not been so lenient.

However, now she has another title added to her name, Squire.

‘If I kill him, Chris will be in trouble.’

Although she didn’t get comfortable in speaking the title Lord yet. But she knew it would be troublesome.

‘Should I kill him?’

She was troubled.


“I ordered it.”

A pig snorted out in front of the escort knight.

‘Yode Vantes.’

While in charge of security, she and her subordinate soldiers confirmed the people who came and went. Thanks to that, She knew the face and name.

“Pretty, what is your name? Are you from a noble family?”


When Alice was working at the inn, she heard harsher slanderous rumors piercing her ears.

It sounded like a compliment. However, because she didn’t like the other person, her brow was frowned upon.

“A frown is worth seeing. Aren’t you going to spend the night with me?”

A fool who doesn’t know how scary the world is.

Still talking nonsense in front of a dead person.

‘Is it because he’s a noble?’

Or is that bastard just trash?

“Alice, no.”

At that moment, a soldier named Ralph called her from behind. Did he mention that Chris and he met in the 7th Infantry?

A man with a shaggy beard and a limp leg.

“I Know.”

She was aware of the situation. Can’t kill someone who’s being slick in front.


In such a situation, someone jumps inside with a shrieking scream, and sits down in front of the dead body, crying.

“Johnny! Johnny! Johnny!”

It was a heartbreaking cry. Was it a lover or a family member?

“I’m going to die of noise. What a fuss over the death of a commoner. Can’t you turn it off?”

Yod Vantes exclaimed. After thinking about it, Alice drew her sword.


At the sharp sword, the escort knight came forward. Even if he’s rotten he still had eyes.

“Step back.”

He grabbed Yod’s arm and pulled him behind him. Seeing this, Alice remembered her father’s teachings.

“When it is difficult to judge, do what you normally believe.”

Tekil said that the most important thing in battle is judgment. The first thing to do is to look at the opponent’s weapon and decide how to act.

Action comes after that. If your head is hard, you die early; if you’re short-sighted, you die early.

Training is an act that speeds up the judgment and gives you the ability to escape even if you make a wrong judgment.

Although this sentence is about fighting and dueling, this matter seems to be generalizable.

“I’m a little sorry.”

Alice swung her sword around.


She did not learn from her father in the past. She learned a completely different skill from what Chris had learned.

She couldn’t handle a vise properly yet, so she kept that out of it, and only showed some of the sword techniques her father had taught her.

Her sword was thinner and longer than a normal sword. Still, it was sturdy and did not bend easily.

The moment she drew her sword, she took a step forward with her right foot. As soon as I pulled it out, it was a sword blow that stabbed forward.

The blood on the opponent’s sword hadn’t dried up yet. He tried to block by avoiding the sword.

‘It’s slow.’

Alice’s sparring opponent was Tekil. This time it was the first real battle. She couldn’t properly gauge the skill of her opponent.


Just by pulling out and zapping, the opponent’s neck was pierced with a hole.


Biting the blood bubble, the opponent collapsed, and Alice reflexively pulled out the sword.


The servant who saw it was terrified and made an impression as Yod Vantes was there.

“… … Dare!”

He shouted with full of anger. At the same time a familiar voice was heard.

“Well done, Squire Alice.”

It was a voice that would normally have given a joke, but with the heavy weight, it seemed like a completely different person.

“…… You’re here? Master.”

It was a crowded place, so she followed the rules. He also called her Squire.

He stepped forward, saw Yod Vantes, and opened his mouth.

“Do you have anything to say?”

The moment she saw Chris’s face, Alice could tell that he was genuinely angry, which was rare.

I’ve killed a lot of people and I’ve seen a lot of my colleagues die right next to me.

There were also colleagues who were sacrificed during the operation.

Because of that I wanted to die, I got drunk after finishing the commission and spent a month like a wreck.

I’ve seen so many deaths.

“Well done. Squire Alice.”

But what is this feeling?

“Someone who should not have died is dead.”

I muttered a little and turned around, and Yod Vantes stared at me with trembling eyes.

“Do you have anything to say?”

When I asked, he groaned.

“What to say? Are you saying that now? My escort knight was killed by an unexpected surprise!”

“You like unexpected surprises, don’t you?”

Someone muttered

“Who is it?”

“Lindsonate of Baron Fraunmunt.”

When he arrived, Lind approached from behind and stood by.

“It was a fair duel, but the opponent was too weak. It was over as soon as the sword was drawn.”

said Lind.

Yod’s cheeks trembled at his words.

“I will hold you accountable for this!”

Accountable. You have to ask. Of course, you’ll bite.

“Why did you kill him?”

As the tone changed, Yod looked at me and blinked.

Behind the crowd were Baron Sabanak and Viscount Dutch. Did you come to see something interesting?

“He hit my servant! Even then, he didn’t apologize, so I just punished him!”

Ha, you bastard.

I calmed down my emotions. I had to show my strength at least once anyway.

Otherwise, they would have tried to bite me off like a pack of wild wolves.

Such was the case with nobles. There are only a few people who become lions.

“If your escort knight died in a fair duel, then I haven’t got the life of my people.”

No one understood what I was saying. No, there’s one.

Lind heard it and nodded.

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

Yod shook his mouth without noticing.

“Since you killed one person, you have to sacrifice one’s head.”

He seems to have figured it out then.


The pig with the blackened-face opened his mouth. No, my words made the servant’s face more blue. Don’t worry, I don’t mean to kill you.

Alice looked at it carefully and said.

“He said he directed him to kill Johnny.”

Good timing.

“The eldest son of Count Vantes, Yod Vantes.”

I then immediately pulled an old cloth out of my pocket. This is the cloth used to grease the spear blades.

There needs to be handkerchiefs, gloves, and something else. I should wear gloves next time.


I threw the cloth towards his cheek. A heavy oil-soaked cloth hit the boy’s cheek and dripped onto the floor.

“I challenge for a duel. This duel is for one man who has died unjustly, there will be no rejection.”

“That’s right.”

When he arrived, Hulken came and nodded.

“What! I have lost my knight! Give me a chance to fight with a knight of of from territory on later days….”

“Don’t say nonsense. You punk.”

A person died on the land I promised to protect and keep them safe.

“If you want to live, show your courage.”

Maybe it’ll move my heart.

“Ugh, What are you talking about? Hey, please, I’ve never held a sword in my life.”

The tone changed and the pig ejaculated.

“Oh, should I tell you how to hold it?”

As I looked back, I saw a woman full of spite in her eyes, hugging Johnny.

“He’s asking for forgiveness. Do you want to forgive him?”

“… … forgive him?”

She looked at me and asked. Two letters of resignation appeared on her face.

“If you don’t like it, don’t do it.”

“Then I don’t like it.”

Tears streamed down her hard face, neither smiling nor crying.

I turned my head again and opened my mouth.

“Is that so?”

“No, what! Only one commoner died, and he was paid for his life!”

Nobles often say that the cost of life for commoners and nobles is different. There are some things I agree with.

“The cost of my life and the lives of others are different.”

However, if I touched someone, I would have to pay a reasonable price. It doesn’t matter if you’re a noble or something.

“Baron Sabanak! Help!”

In a hurry, the guy looked back and shouted. Baron Sabanak’s knight saw it and tried to step forward.

I know that he has come here and has given me a lot of provocative aura.

Couldn’t stand the excitement. But not now.

“If you want to fight, it’s better to do it next time. If you step in now, I will kill whoever it is.”

At my words, the knight sighed and swallowed a moan, then whispered into Baron Sabanak’s ear.

The words were faintly heard because my senses were sharpened by using the Wyze.

“It doesn’t seem like today is a day.”

Yes, good thinking.

“Viscount Dutch!”

“Who are you?”

He’s so witty. Viscount Breon Dutch turned away from Yod Vantes.

These are not fools. They must have understood everything that was going on.

The pig looked at me again.

“Look! Baron! Baron Fraunmunt.”

“Are you going to take the sword while lying down? It’s not bad either.”


“We’ll have Sir Hulken as a witness for a fair duel.”

“It’s a bad hobby.”

While saying that, he stepped up. I reached out to the security guard and got a sword. It was a dull sword.

“The duel begins.”

Hulken spoke while picking his ears. I stabbed the pig to death at once.


The terminal bell rang faintly. A chilling silence settled all around.

Everyone thinks that I killed him because of my angry temper.

“You really killed him?”

Baron Sabanak murmured. Then did you really think I would let him go?

Count Vantes’ aim was clearly visible. The desire to send the firstborn son to stand on top of me.

A greed to gulp all the Wyze knights and fame in one bite.

I had seen enough of the physiology of the aristocracy to know that the world was coming to a head. Not only would Count Vantes want me, but everyone around me would want me.

It’s something that could not be believed if not shown. Since there is a show of force, no one can forget.


Lind, Digo, and an Dokki came to my call. Alice has already taken her place.

The damn Count Vantes will regret for the rest of his life having done this.

I was about to make that happen.

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