Chapter 126 – The Story of A Low Rank Soldier Becoming A Monarch [Novel]


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Lind was quick to catch on. I only called his name, but there was only one thing he had to say in the situation. What is the best option we have to take now.

“Reconciliation is the best option. Just get the eldest son’s body cleaned up, then emphasize that it was a duel, and ostensibly restore relations.”

Of course, that’s probably not what I want to do.


“Then there will be a territorial war. We must meet the count’s army in a castle with no outer walls.”

“I don’t like that either.”

Really? Is that the best? Lind-Sonnet, that’s not the answer I was hoping for.

I forced him to think. Lind looked at me, frowned lightly, and said.

“There’s another way.”

Of course there is and that’s what I wanted.

Fraunmunt, what makes my territory strong?

Because of me, the Wyze Knight. A Wyze Knight is a monster that can take on a hundred soldiers.

Count Vantes does not know. That I am not the only Wyze Knight here.

I think my territory has a higher fighting strength than any adjacent territory. Looking at it objectively and dispassionately, there is nothing wrong with that statement.

Our power was a force that the surrounding estates could not deal with if we were faced with a small number of elites.

“Sixty years ago, a general of Sercado nearly captured the first fortress of the eight gates.”

said Lind. I remember reading the same book. What he said still remains in my mind.

“Just take the fastest road, immediately, and at the fastest pace.”

Blitzkrieg, he was the first to use this concept on the battlefield.

It was a method that had to break through the defense of the enemy, and not to look back until the desired goal was reached.

If you were wounded and delayed, you were discarded and gone.

It was one of the tactics that could not be easily used because it caused inevitable losses.

It was not something that should have been done with ordinary mental strength, because you would just be diving into enemy territory without supplies.

On the other hand, it was also something that could be done if you were beyond that “ordinary” level.

It was a strategy that was possible if you were equipped with the elite of the elite.

So I liked what Lind said. There was no ordinary person being here.

The number of people going is me, Lind, Digo, Dokki, and Alice.

Five was enough.

“Count me in.”

Plus the unexpected person. Somehow came behind, smiling and striking up a conversation.

There was no tactics, no secrets. It’s a safe operation for anyone to hear, so we weren’t surprised to see him.

No, I was noticing that he was coming in right away.

No one here was so dull. The red-haired knight Hulken smiled and waited for an answer.

“If Count Ludwig finds out, you’ll be in big trouble.”

“I can just cover my face.”

Looking at Hulken’s face, I thought that this time it was a sincere expression without hiding anything.

You’re joining because it looks really fun.

“We should leave before the sun comes up.”

I spoke and grabbed blueish.

“There is nothing to prepare, let’s go now.”

Digo spoke. I thought I was the only one in rush, but there were others like that.

Dokki snorted as he hit two of his axes. So we started walking before sunrise.

The destination was the County of Vantes.

Hulken held a sword from an early age. The day he held the sword, he cut two wild dogs, and his father saw them and took him.

That’s how training and discipline took up most of his time in his life.

As a result, Hulken naturally developed a vision.

He has seen many knights, especially the special ones.

Junior knight, intermediate knight, senior knight.

Knights with nicknames.

Soldiers, Wyze Knights, Assassins, Mercenaries, Monks, and even castle knights who are not knights.

A genius is always a shining light. Although Hulken himself had heard that he was blessed with a lot of talent.


They were more special than anyone seen so far. Chris was draped in a white cloak and had a fast pace.

He was so fast that it was hard to be sure that he could be caught if he became an enemy and pursued him. The process of finding a path, walking and running was as natural and smooth as if he made it himself.

‘Isn’t his talent not a sword, but this side?’

I even had such a question. That wasn’t the end.

I saw the faces of the people who were chasing Chris. There was a guy running right behind him who looked like he could arm-wrestle an ogre and win.

“Monster Digo” was a very famous name for the soldiers who had previously stood on the battlefield together.

Thanks to my wide shoulders and high height, I felt like a wall was built right next to me. The thigh circumference was around the waist of a decent woman.

Looking at that body, the name Monster Digo seemed natural.

Behind him, I saw a man running with two axes hanging from his waist.

He ran while kicking the ground, but it wasn’t usually sleek. Some of the southern peoples said they were born with a body specialized in combat, and that’s exactly what came to mind.

‘I would believe you even if you said he was a beast.’

He gently stepped on the ground and pushed it, kicking the ground with his ankle. It was the opposite of Digo’s running.

Lindsonate, holding a bow barrel, was also seen. He was the most balanced warrior.

He was called Hawkeye because his great eyesight.

Last one was Alice. When I saw her use a sword, I knew she wasn’t just anyone, but she didn’t lose a breath when she followed them.

Her steps were light and she moved with a unique rhythm.

‘It’s unique.’

I think I’ve heard the name for that kind of movement somewhere, but I can’t remember exactly.

“Eat while running.”

Chris, who led them, was harsh. There was no break or rest.

We literally ran and chewed mostly dried meat, and when we saw the riverside, we filled our water bottles at random.

That was all. After running for a full day like that, they were able to step on the County of Vantes at a faster speed than any normal messenger.

“Aren’t you going to rest?”

When Hulken asked, Chris looked closely and answered.

“You don’t need to rest at this level, do you?”

It wasn’t wrong.

‘You’ve changed a lot.’

The old Chris was already a blur. With a single word of action, I could see the momentum that naturally enveloped the people around him.

I used to think that he was hiding himself because he couldn’t do this right after becoming a baron.

I thought he would lost his momentum and hid his ambition

He was going to be big.


Hulken smiled and nodded. He didn’t intend to step up and fight, so resting didn’t have anything to do with him. The reason he came here was not because of the battle, but to see their strength.

I wanted to see what kind of war potential they would have if they became the enemy.

I revealed my intention to join and if he refused, I was going to chase after him, but Chris did not reject.

“Let’s go.”

Hulken, who brushed off all his thoughts at Chris’ voice, stuck behind the running party.

After breaking through the County, the group went straight to the castle. They didn’t abandon the advantages of blitzes’ quick start and surprise attach. Chris didn’t hesitate even though it was broad daylight when the sun rose.

“…… Stop!”

The soldier guarding the outer castle gate shouted in surprise.


As Chris opened his mouth, Lindsonate ran out and slapped the soldier’s neck with his hand.

It was a lightning strike that could not be seen properly by ordinary soldiers.


The soldier was knocked down to the floor in a clean blow that was delivered with strength as he stepped forward.


The soldiers next to them were startled, and those passing through the outer fortress were startled and scattered.

“It’s an attack!”

Inside the outer fortress, someone who looked like a captain guarding the wall shouted.

“Close the door!”

It was quite a distance to reach the outer castle gate. Hulken expected Chris to speed up. However, he showed a different move than Hulken had expected.

Fit geek!

Chris raised a finger as he saw the large outer castle door shut.

“Get rid of it.”

At that one word, Digo, who was behind him, ran out. Its large body ran as if a mountain was moving and slammed the soldier blocking him with him fist.

Pop! Crack!

The body of the soldier who was hit rose as high as his height in the air and rolled on the floor. One unlucky soldier fell wrong and died of a broken neck.

It was an overwhelming power difference.

The gates were closing due to the quick judgment of the one who seemed to be the leader. If those gates are closed, we may have to fight a siege with only six men.

‘Why aren’t you running?’

Hulken glanced at Chris.

He ran all the way here and took it easy. It was only the two of them, Lind and Digo, who came forward.

The gates closed quickly. The soldier in front desperately threw out his spear to buy time.

‘We’re late.’

The entrance was already so narrow that only one person could barely fit in.

Then, Lind and Digo, who cleaned up the soldiers, arrived at the door.


At this the moment when Digo’s hands touched the gate, he spoke to Lind. The spear aimed at Digo were all blocked by Lind’s sword standing in front of him.

Chachaeng! Lind’s sword, which bounced off five spears, stabbed one of the opposing soldiers’ necks.

With a loud sound, another one died.

And Digo and the gate began to compete for power.


The sound of the pulleys bouncing and the scraping of the chains was heard in the struggle between those who tried to close and Digo who tried to keep it open.

“… … Are you going to stop that by force?”

Hulken murmured.

I wasn’t confident whether I as a fourth level Wyze user will be able to do that.

In the first place, I would climb over the castle and not break through it head-on, though.


Behind him Chris walked. As he reached the gate.


said Digo, whose blood vessels protured from his forehead. Chris walked leisurely in between.

The soldiers guarding the gates watched the scene with their mouths wide open.

“… … Goo, archers!”

Is it the captain or the centurion?

Thanks to him coming to his senses and shouting, I saw the man with the bow running over from one side.


Seeing this, Chris shouted. A squire called Alice slammed into the ground.

As soon as she kicked the ground, her body was like a sharp hawk, and she closed the distance between them. One of the archers hastily released an arrow, but it was much too late.

Slash, Slash!

The moment the thin blade drew two arcs on the ground, the two soldiers who blocked her fell to the floor.

‘Nice cut.’

I can’t even stand properly. Alice broke through the archers with a unique rhythm. Her black movements did not stop.

She cut the soldiers’ sinews and the muscles of their arms like a river that flowed incessantly.



The soldiers standing in front of her collapsed in a heap. It was as crisp as cutting a field of wheat with a sickle.

After paying close attention to it, Hulken finally recalled the name of her unique movement.

‘Flowing Water.’

It was a sword art created by a swordsman a long time ago, and it was said to represent a constantly flowing river.

It actually seemed to be true.

‘Where did she learn it?’

The basic skills were also good, and the swordsmanship she learned was not at a level to be underestimated.

Hulken thought that even if he brought a few knights from the Ludwig County, there would be few who could compete with that woman right now.


“It’s a monster!”

The soldiers were startled and scattered.

There was a monster that threw people into the air with a single punch, and a swordsman who futilely defeated five opposing spearmen with a single strike.

Alice knocked down dozens of archers alone, and as soon as Dokki entered the castle, he struck down the chain that closed the castle gate with the ax and broke it.

Sound of hitting the chains several times rang out loudly, Clang! Clang! Clang!


“It’s an attack! Enemy!”

Despite screams and promiscuous shouts, Chris did not lose his direction.

Chris and his party moved to the inner city where Count Vantes is located.

“Count! It’s an attack!”

Count Vantes looked at the messenger who had spoken and asked,


“We do not know!”

“How many people have come?”

“We do not know.”

“What do you know, then?”

“They are Monsters! They opened the castle gates with bare hands.”

Sometimes rumors were bound to be exaggerated. The news of the messenger was shattered by the shock of the raid, but one thing was clear.

The fact is that someone has attacked.

“Call the Knights!”

When you become a Count, you are expected to have knights with you.

Thirteen to fifteen in total.

The Knights of Vantes gathered. The captain entered the Count’s office wearing a helmet.

“Huff, huff.”

He was breathing hard, because he had come in a hurry.

After seeing the knights, Count Vantes was relieved quite a bit. There are thirteen knights.

Among them, there are three intermediate knights. It was by no means a weak force. It wasn’t for nothing that the Royalists were holding Count Vantes in their arms.

Upon hearing the news, the captain gathered his breath, beckoned, and changed the positions of the knights.

“Jackson, Stone.”



The two knights drew their swords and waited in front of the office, and the three stood by the count.

“Let’s deploy the archers. Count.”

said the captain.

“Let’s do that.”

The Count was about to send the messenger back.




There was a series of screams from outside. Then, the office door was kicked open as if someone had smashed it, and one of the doors broke in half and bounced aside.

“Are you Count Vantes?”

And a man with dark blue hair walked in in front of him. No matter how you looked at it, he looked to be in his early twenties, no older than that and his face was so beautiful that any noblewoman may fall for it.

He was armed with a single piece of leather armor, which was not of the best quality, let alone a helmet, and a spear that glowed a faint shade of blue, and that was all he was armed with.

“Who are you?”

Count Vantes said, hiding his nervousness.

“I am Chris Fraunmunt.”

The Count blinked his eyes. Fraunmunt?

“Baron Fraunmunt?”

How can that person be here? Filled with such questions, Count Bantes asked.

“Why are you here?”

Chris ignored the knights of Vantes who getting ready and told the count.

“Your son is dead.”

“… … Yod is dead?”

The Count, who had lost his mind for a moment, immediately came to his senses and continued talking.

“Who dared to kill my son?”

Chris replied to Count Vantes.

“I killed him.”

At that one sentence, the air became cold.

From the moment I killed Yod Vantes, Count Vantes and I became irreconcilable enemies.

At my words, a deadly presence began to target me. I saw 13 Knights and the Count with bloodshot eyes.

“You mean you killed my son?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Did you come here to die?”

shouted the Count. I looked at him and quietly opened my mouth.

“If any of you want to live, break your sword and leave this place.”

My voice rang out, carrying the heat in the chilly air.

“If you want to die, you can defend him.”

The situation was summed up in just two sentences.

“Kill him! Bring me the head of that bastard!”

Count Vantes exclaimed. Thirteen knights rushed in. I glanced to the side and Hulken backed away.

He hadn’t even planned to intervene in the first place. It didn’t matter.

He didn’t lift a hand. He crossed his arms and did not move in place.


A knight approached me and lifted his sword above his head. It wasn’t a bad posture and swordsmanship.


But twice as fast as he jumped in front of me, the knight of Vantes flew to the side.


Before I knew it, Digo was standing in front of me, holding a halberd. The knight was thrown by his side slash.

Knight’s body was folded in half and he bled in his mouth, it was expected.

Seeing this, Dokki exclaimed.


He moved his hands and jumped between the knights, and the knights hurriedly drew their swords to block him.

It was useless.

It only took a moment for the blades of the two axes to half dug into their necks.

The time it took for the Knights of Vantes to fall to the floor was enough time for a cup of tea.

“Count Vantes.”


He couldn’t speak to me.

“If you want revenge, come anytime.”

With those words, I ended this fight. It was a war of territories, but it was a one-sided invasion that could not be called a war of territories.

On that day, ten of the Count’s Knights and more than fifty soldiers were killed.

And since that day, no one has tried to put me under their control. Only the number of people approaching in different ways has increased.

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