Solo Leveling May Get Anime Adaption Soon

Our favorite Manhwa Solo Leveling may get Anime adaption very soon. The CEO of the Noble Comics Company said that they are discussing offers coming from various companies to adapt the Manhwa into a Game, Anime and even a TV Show.

Solo Leveling is Kakao Page’s (the app where Solo Leveling is published) best selling Manhwa and it has surpassed 30 billion won (around 25 million USD) on the platform.

On the August 3, 2020, Kakao Page said that the number of Web Novel and Webtoon views in ‘Solo Leveling’ are 430 million, and the number of domestic (Korean) and Japanese subscribers surpassed 5 million and 1 million respectively.¬†They added that the cumulative sales of Webtoon and Web novel in Korea and abroad amount to about 30 billion won (approx. 25 million USD). In Japan Kakao Page’s Japanese manga platform Picoma is receiving one million views per day for “Solo Leveling”.

Hwang Hyun-soo, CEO of Noble Comics Company, an in-house independent company (CIC) of Kakao Page, said, “I am also working on a plan to make Game, Animation and Live Drama for Solo Leveling “.

No other details were mentioned but we hope that they will pick a good Japanese Anime studio for making the Anime.

Season 2 of the Manhwa has started from 1st August with 2 chapters release and it will continue with weekly releases on every Thursday.



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