Chapter 129 – The Story of A Low Rank Soldier Becoming A Monarch [Novel]


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At that time, I did not enter the war, but because of how strongly the Southern tribes pushed for it, we ended up giving them some of our land and signing a treaty.

During the war, the Confederacy was founded and a new state was established in the Southern Continent.

Now that I think about it, the leader of the federation was very clever.

He chose the means of war to vent his gathered power, and in the end, he could be said to have won because he gained the land.

Anyway, around the time the war was over, I headed to the southern tip of the Central Continent, a newly drawn border with Master Treasure Hunter.

‘What is the most precious treasure in the world?’

My teacher would sometimes ask me such nonsensical questions. Also, he hated answers that were not careful.

At that time, I thought hard and thought of three answers.

First, artifacts.

Sometimes as a weapon, sometimes in a different form, an object that exerts an incomprehensible power on this continent. If it is not a treasure, then what is a treasure?

Second, gold coins.

Money is sometimes beyond honor, beyond power. This is one of the correct answers, since we use soldiers who risk their lives for money.

Third, life.

As a teacher who likes to catch floating clouds, it could be said that human life is a treasure.

But at that time, I didn’t see the world so widely and I didn’t want to tell a lie by saying something I didn’t mean.

“It’s an artifact.”

I said it firmly. The teacher saw me like that and said so.

“You still have to grow bigger.”

“It would be crazy if I got any taller.”

“I don’t think that’s what it means, right?”

If I fold more, I could get hit to death, so I seldom talk, which is one of the things I have done well to live up to now, and even want to write in my diary.

Strangely, my teachers all fought well.

“So what is the answer?”

“There is no answer.”

Why did you ask a question without an answer?

At that time, we didn’t go unless there was a treasure. So I had to ask seriously while looking at the place I arrived with my teacher.

“If we dig in the dirt, will we find a vein of gold? Or is there a hidden dungeon?”


Along with the horse, the master smiled.

The village was small and quiet against a low hill. Normally, the children would have been playing in the meadow on the hill, while the adults were busy farming.

The land was not fertile, but it was not a bad place to farm. Otherwise, they would have raised livestock.

However, it is different now. All the people who were a bit older had blades in their hands.

A wooden fence was set up in front of them, and there were people guarding it.

“Who are you?”

When I saw the man with black hair and black eyes standing in front of us, I knew he wasn’t from the Central Continent.

“I’m a passing traveler, and I want to take a break.”

said the master.

“Travel? This isn’t the kind of place you can come to travel.”

He was a dour and rude man . But there was truth in his words.

“If you don’t want to waste your life, go home.”

“I’ll be gone in a few days.”

Along with the horse, the master handed him a heavy pouch. I remember the amount enough to buy enough food.

“Huh, do you know where this place is?”

His continental language was awkward, but there was no difficulty in communication.

“I’m a minstrel who wanders the continent. I’ll go wherever there are people.”

“Suit yourself.”

The man made the way and my teacher and I entered the village. At the time, I didn’t know the southern language very well, so I couldn’t understand everything they were saying.

I only heard a few short words.

“… … You can stop it.”

“that person… … I have.”

“… … This land is us.”

There were times when I couldn’t hear properly and had to rack my brain for interpretation.



“I don’t have an answer for the most precious treasure in the world, but this is what I think now.”

He said again that there was no answer. He was a teacher who loved talking about catching floating clouds.

“The most precious treasure in the world is a person.”

“… … people?”

“Okay. I will show you one of the treasures.”

Teacher spoke and stopped walking. This village was strange.

Southern and central continental people were mixed. Even though they were originally two people with a bad relationship, they seemed to have a close relationship here.

“Who is the treasure?”

When I asked, the master raised a finger and pointed.

“That person is the treasure I found this time.”

There was a man with two axes around his waist. He looked about the same age as me and had an unsightly scar that ran from top to bottom from his forehead to his chin.

His hair was cut so tightly that his face was not covered, so all the scars were clearly visible. He was leaning on a bottle with people with a blunt expression on his face.

“Do you know who that guy is?”

“I don’t know.”

How do you know just by looking at your face, I’m not even a fortune teller.

“That guys is a rebel of the South, traitor to the South.”


I let out a light exclamation.

At the time of the founding of the Confederacy, there were some strange rumors. It was said that someone from the South was destroying Confederate warriors day after day.

His name was not widespread, but the nicknames for him were.

They called him the Rebel of the South, the Traitor of the South.

He was a warrior who had broken away from the Confederacy, a headache who had turned his back on the Confederacy because he was greedy and led part of the Southern people against it.

“Southern Federation and Cercado on the Central Continent. These two countries do not acknowledge their existence.”

So why is that guy here?


He got up . He was only ten steps from me when I heard his voice.

“Get everything ready.”

The world said that he was a greedy Southerner who targeted the head of the federation, he was a madman who would ignore the treaty and go after the central continent…. But the reality was completely different..

Originally, it was a group of people who settled here. No matter how bad the relationship between the south and the center is, there is always a group of people who think differently.

It was such a village. A place where people live with each other regardless of race.

“Why is that guy guarding this place?”

“He said it was his duty.”

He jumped over the barrier to where the troops sent by the Confederates rushed in.

Among those who followed were a mix of Southerners and Central Continentals.

“I am Enrid of the wingless falcon clan!”

He shouted and swung his axe. Defeated the enemy with amazing skill.

He was neither a rebel nor a traitor.

A village that was abandoned both in the center and in the south. He was just a guard there.

So the master called him a treasure, and I acknowledged it.

“If it wasn’t for this place he would have been a really good knight.”

In addition to my teacher’s words, I continued my thoughts.

If he had been in the South, he would have been a better warrior than anyone else.

He killed an approaching enemy with his axe. I didn’t know exactly what his duties were, but I felt his life wasn’t easy.

When he returned from the battle, he still fell down with dripping blood without a single smile.

“It’s like a life is burned out.”

My impressions were not wrong. Shortly after we left, this small village, created during the war, was burned to the ground.

At that time I couldn’t do anything.

At that time I couldn’t help you.

And at that time I looked at you and thought, ‘What if you were my person?’


The ax blade was aiming at my neck, so I blocked it with a spear. The blueish was only a spear enchanted with hardness, and the axe blade could not cut my spear.

“I want to know.”

I muttered and pointed the spear blade forward. What duty got you there?

Why are you here and not in the South?

“I’ll tell you if I lose.”

I smiled at the crude tone of voice.


Dokki is strong. If he fight Digo, he will probably win seven or eight times out of ten.

Lind won’t be able to compete in close combat, and I don’t know about Alice. In fact, in the face-to-face battles, Alice’s swordsmanship was the most difficult type to deal with.


After a brief pause, I took a breath and gently waved the blue spear blade.

Once upon a time, I thought of Dokki’s past as carry. I waited for that opportunity, and now it is near.

I needed a Southerner’s name to deal with the problem of Viscount Dutch.

Will Dokki open his heart just by me winning? He didn’t swear allegiance to me.

What could I show him?

What could I give him? I had to be the land where he put down roots.

“Trust me.”

I muttered quietly and extended the blade of my spear. Six spear blade danced across his body like a snake’s tongue.

Chae Chae Chae Jaeng!

Dokki swung his arms like a windmill and hit the spear blade to block it.

Let’s show the balance of skill and power, not anomalous battles.

Let’s prove to Dokki that he can trust the opponent standing in front of him. To open his mouth if I win means to prove myself to him.

I was faithful to it. The swaying spear blade shook and aimed at his life. Dodging it, Dokki lowered himself and swung the ax towards my ankle.

As I jumped and ran, he came slammed into my shoulder. I kicked his shoulder in the air and did a backflip.

It was a gesture close to a feat, but the body was light. ‘Cause I’m already dancing to the rhythm

Dancing to poke fun at a duel results in killing the opponent. I simply danced an imitation of my favorite waltz number 13.


A sharp kill glanced off my cheek. It was quite a feat to push Dokki into the gap where the spear blade danced.

He bent his head to avoid it and slammed the spear from above.


I saw Dokki avoiding, but I didn’t stop.


With a sound of the floor tearing, I used its semi-elasticity to pull the spear to the side. This was faster than changing direction by force in the middle.


For the first time since the battle began, Dokki was hit in the side and bounced off.

The moment Dokki swallowed up screams and moans set his feet on the floor, his movements also changed.


Knights use dashes to narrow the space. Dokki was twice as fast as that.

The hatchet has a short hit range. One of the ways to make the most of that range is to use your feet.


The sound of him stepping on the ground could be heard later. Right after I heard the sound, his axe blade was already in front of me.

Even if I show my true colors, Dokki won’t die. He will recover because of the Wyze. After gaining experience once more, my senses of my body became more acute .

It was more sensitive than when I got the Wyze. The only advantage of the sharpness of the senses is to listen well and see well.

Although I hadn’t yet reached the fourth level of Overhuman, I was able to unlock the limits of my body at will.

So even now, I can see the axe blade fall sharply and think.

The power that can be seen because all senses accelerate momentarily, the overhuman who catches flying arrows with bare hands, and the power to glimpse the superhuman stage for a moment.

That’s the best I can do right now.

I put my spear down in the gap of time and stretched out my fist.

Zeng! Boom!


The air pooled and dispersed between us.

“Cough, cough!”

Dokki coughed up blood as it fell, tumbling several times to one side.

I must have hit it a little too hard. I don’t have perfect control of my strength either. My right elbow stiffened.

“Are you alive?”

I inquired.


He answered with a cough. Dokki flopped to the side, leaving the front lobe stained red.

As I approached him, he closed his eyes and opened his mouth.

“Why are you curious about my name?”

I answered, sitting next to him.


Looting the South? Actually, you can sweep it away with force. I already have a good assortment of powers.

Lingering in the past life? If you had such a lingering feeling, how can you shake it off?

I didn’t want Lind to lose his leg and become a crippled fool.

I wanted to help Louis because I knew he was having a lung disease, I wanted to stop it. Dokki proved to be harder than that. I could only guess at his duty and pain.

If he had left the battlefield where we first met at the age of fifteen, I would never have heard the name Dokki. But he stayed.

So, the work of Viscount Dutch is only an occasion. I wanted to help Dokki who stood by me.

“My name is Enrid.”

It was the moment when my efforts paid off. The Southerner who had abandoned his name revealed his name.

For Southerners, names are sacred. Abandoning that name meant that he would forget his roots and live. But in the end you would find your place again, fight and die shouting your name.

I knew that. So I don’t want to leave it like that.

“If you need a place to take root, I will be your land.”

This is your hometown and will be your home, so be my sword.

I said so.

“My name is Enrid.”

He said the same thing and raised himself up . When he saw me sitting up, he knelt down quietly.

“I was born in the South, but lost my roots and forsook my name, but now I speak my name again.”

He spoke in the southern language.

“It’s only in the center that I serve my chief, so his name is Chris. I’m the last wingless hawk and the only breathing hawk.”

To be honest, I couldn’t understand everything he meant.

Still, I understood the sincerity of those words.

And I’ve learned from my past life that he was wrong.

“You are not alone.”

Dokki nodded his head as if he understood.

I’m not saying you’re alone because I’m here. He believes he is the only one who survived.

I was curious about his duty, so out of curiosity, I researched the border village.

The village’s southerners were remnants of other tribes that had been scattered in a violent war of unification before the Confederacy was formed.

The southern rebellion I waited for was a battle between the remnants of the tribe and another tribe.

He wasn’t really alone.

Not all of the wingless hawk clan died. I would let him find them.

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