Chapter 128 – The Story of A Low Rank Soldier Becoming A Monarch [Novel]


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Murdock faithfully followed his instructions. It took a few days for the constantly rising motivation to disappear.


The moment the hard-faced instructor, a man named Tekil, opened his mouth, one of Murdock’s men raised his head.

“Why do you keep telling me to run?”

Murdock didn’t know. Neither did the men who followed him.

“Just run. Don’t ask.”

The question was, whose teacher is Tekil?


It was the moment when I spit on the floor when I had a habit of waking up.


Someone’s instep flew and stuck in the subordinate’s head.

“How dare you.”

Louis Yulnovan, the lord’s squire. His eyes blazed brightly. He clenched his fists and said, as if he had been waiting for this moment.

“Anybody with a problem, come on out.”


Everyone fell silent and looked at Murdock’s face.

“There’ll be more. Don’t give up on this much.”

Louis Yurnovan said. It was as if he was asking them to come out for more.

Murdock looked at Tekil once, then at Louis, and cursed his benefactor for a moment in his mind.

‘What the hell is this, lord.’


Murdock ducked first. He saw the guy lying on the floor biting the foam. He felt like he couldn’t even pick up the bones because he was running for nothing.


Then a harsh voice followed. Murdock had no choice.

‘If you can’t kill an orc with your bare hands, you can’t survive in an orc-land.’

This is a famous saying told by many historians of the central continent.

A lesson was a lesson, and a saying was a saying.

That is why Tekir spoke of this as ‘not worth talking about.’

I was hoping that nonsense would make sense.

“If you can’t, make it possible.”

That’s what all the masters who taught me said. Actually, that wasn’t the only good thing they said.

‘It can’t do something, then do it until you can.’

‘… … Yes?’

It reminded me of the Pathfinder teacher who threw me into the deepest mountains in the central continent.

That person indeed..

“I almost died back then.”

I had chills without realizing it. I didn’t learn anything easily. None of the teachers I met were normal.

I thought to myself as I looked around the land. I left the citizen’s peace to Tekil.

Tekil give training in moderation, enough that the person won’t die. I have never seen anyone as good as Tekil when it comes to refining and smelting people.

If Tekil was going to beat them, I had to be ready for what came next.

I had to create a reason for them to remain here, despite this rigorous training.

In other words, the necessities were still the same.

Money and people.

I had already worked out a way to solve the problem of money.

It must have been around this time. Something happened in the south. It was also known as the Southern Rebellion.

Five gold coins, a lot of money. The amount is equivalent to the salary of a Knight, but who will give five gold coins?

Am I going to set out to wipe the back of the Dutch Viscount, who earns several times more than that for only five gold coins?

Wyze Knight’s name value is not that low.

This must have been the reason why he accepted my opinion even though he knew he was being robbed of money.

He was getting Wyze Knight for a low price. He may have been angry on the surface, but in his true heart, he was probably shouting for joy.


So it’s time to prepare for the Dutch Viscount.

Dokki stared straight at me. When I suddenly came to the cabin where Lind, Digo, and Dokki rested.

The southern peoples are divided into many ethnic groups. They live more bound by the law than by rules.

“Let’s have a spar.”

I asked Dokki. Digo and Lind, who had been resting, turned to me. The look in their eyes was as if they were asking, ‘What about me?’

Are you tired of not being able to fight?

“You guys play by yourselves.”


Lind clicked his tongue. Digo also turned his head to the side. I left the two of them and found a quiet place.

It was nice to go outside the castle. If you fight inside for nothing, people passing by will be surprised to see me.


I heard the faint squeal of Pumpky in the distance as it chewed through the monsters in the vicinity today, and if it was bored, it would dig up the ground and nibble on the grass, or even the medicinal herbs.

“Why? Fight?”

Dokki asked. That simple guy expresses his question. He’s a little self-conscious, too.

Normally, Dokki would be snorting for a fight.

His eyes looked at me strangely.

“Jabrien is from wandering people who trade.”

Instead of answering his question, I brought up another word. Dokki nodded at my words.

Each Southern tribe is different, but they all have one thing in common. They were all proud of their tribe.

“And you.”

I paused for a moment. The South has its own culture. I asked in the southern language.

“Where were you born?”

For Southerners, the land where they cut the umbilical cord was their home, their tribe, their roots.

Dokki’s eyes looked at me . For the first time since I had known him, I saw his pupils flicker. Dokki, who had always shown the same straightforwardness and simplicity, shook.

“I have no land of birth.”

After a moment of silence, Dokki opened his mouth. I’m sorry to tell you this, but I already know his tribe.

“There is no warrior without his birthplace.”

“I am!”

Dokki shouted. The language of the south was more grave than the language of the central continent, but it was also much easier once you got used to understanding its meaning.

“I have no roots.”

Dokki said.

If you don’t have a birthplace, then your roots are gone. Of course, there are other reasons. No roots means that you were never recognized.

Dokki was the latter.

When I came back to my fifteen-year-old and recognized this guy’s face, I was so surprised.

I was skeptical I was busy saving Lind and grabbing the troops by the collar and pulling them along.

The moment I met Jabrien and Jabrien and Dokki met, my doubts turned to certainty. The South was a large and diverse tribal area, so there were things they did not know about each other.

However, there is not a case where they do not even exchange greetings regarding the law. Jabrien has avoided Dokki since they first met.

It was only natural for her to do so. How could anyone of Southern blood be pleased with someone who had no roots in Southern lands?

“Is there no place for you to stand in the land of the South?”


At those words, Dokki kicked the ground. Clear footprints were left on the ground.

Look at this bastard After all, the vise engraving is finished.

I was standing alone in a realm that neither Digo, Lind, nor Alice had yet reached.

“I am Dokki.”

Although that was enough, I’m sorry. Dokki.

I need your past. I want you to break the past and go ahead and say your name.


I called out to him and pointed the blueish at him. Middle guard, this is a posture that signals the start of a fight.

“I want to hear your name.”

At those words, Dokki took out two of his own hatchets and held them.

“I am Dokki.”

He repeated the same thing.


I was thirteen, and it was winter. The South is a region where snow is hard to find, but that year we had quite a lot of it.

The snow that had accumulated that year melted in an instant and the fire burned.


When he turned his head to call his name, there was Yan. It was the mother who embraced and gave birth to him.


Behind her, she saw a warrior with a long wooden spear running towards her. As soon as she heard Dokki’s voice, she turned around and drew a knife in the neck of one of the attackers.


Blood spurted out and Yan rolled on the floor. The spear blade was stuck in the place where she was.

“Run away!”

She shouted.

Run where?

There were enemies on all sides. Invasions by neighboring tribes were common. I just didn’t expect them to come in so full-fledged and complete.

As I was looking at my mother, the surroundings suddenly became dark. I turned around and saw a big guy holding a spear and grinning.

“You look thin.”

With the spear blade being stabbed without hesitation, Dokki stiffened and could not move.

I just thought I was going to die. Like the beast he was hunting, he knew he would lose his breath.

‘Don’t close the eyes.’

When I die, I will die with my head up. It was a moment when I desperately tried to hold on like that.


A single flash of light struck the air and passed. The middle of the spear that was aimed at him and the guy holding the spear floated up in his throat.

“Get a grip.”

It was a warrior born eight years ahead of me.


Jared didn’t have time to put himself in front of the one who had called him, he grabbed his axe and ran. His axe, which had always been sharpened every day, violently killed the enemies.

‘Where’s my axe?’

The ‘wingless hawk’ clan represented them by their fast feet and two hatchets. Dokki reflexively grabbed the axe.

I can’t remember exactly what happened that day, but I knew two things.

It was which tribe had invaded his land, and the fact that all but himself were dead.


Dokki shouted and swung the ax blade in all directions. It wasn’t his first battle, and it wasn’t the first time he’d been invaded, but it was the first time he’d been attacked unilaterally.

The mother approached and said to Dokki who was wandering like that.

“Run away.”

Dokki shook his head.

“A tribal warrior does not turn his back.”


She hit Dokki’s forehead with her fist.

“Are you a warrior?”

Dokki, who was only thirteen and was expected to become the best warrior in the tribe with his innate senses, was not a warrior yet.

“You are not even fifteen yet. Run away.”

“Don’t die.”

As soon as Yan finished speaking, someone spoke and called Dokki’s name.

He was the best warrior of the current tribe. A man with shaggy gray hair and thick forearms, he was Yan’s husband and Dokki’s father.

“I command you as your father and the chief of the wingless hawk. Live!”

Although only thirteen, Dokki knew that if he left this place, he would never see his parents again.

“Yes, at least one must live.”

Jared approached and said. Blood was running down his side.

The moment Dokki left, he also knew that no one would ever see the tribal people who were like family again. That’s why he didn’t want to go.

“The Chief of the Roaring Elephants has changed.”

Jared said to his father.

“I know, I know. I knew it would always be hard. I should have killed you long ago.”

“Kill them all!”


A tribe of elephants roaring from one side thrust their spears towards the tribe. Two or three stuck together.

If you don’t have enough skills, you will die. The numerical difference was obvious.

“Go. Go and sharpen the blade of revenge.”

My father said.

“I don’t want to.”

“It is the chief’s order.”

I wanted to rebel against my father’s words. My mother put her hand on my head.

“I should have put your name on the coming-of-age ceremony.”

Being listed in a tribe meant becoming an adult, and it meant taking root here.

“Go. And always keep your axe blade well polished.”

Jared said. He was like a brother to me, even though we were not blood related.

His complexion was like pure white snow. It was because he had shed too much blood.

“Go north. Run towards the warm side.”

Father spoke and turned around. Looking at his back, Dokki couldn’t say any more.

His mother’s face approached him, unable to speak. Kneeling down, Tsubame lowered her dagger and grasped both his cheeks with her hands.

“Choose life at the crossroads between death and life. my son.”

It is the parents’ heart to want their child to live rather than choose honorable death as a warrior.

“We really don’t have time now.”

Said the father with his back.

“Revenge is up to you.”

Jared said and ran out. Two enemy tribal soldiers rushed in front of him.

Despite the shedding of blood, Jared was strong. He rushes forward, with a spear by his side, and an ax in his other hand, pecking at his opponent’s head.


The sound of skulls cracking was heard.

“Live. son.”

My father said.

“You can forget your name and live.”

Mother said.

Revenge was just an excuse, she wanted her son to live.

Dokki turned around like that. It wasn’t that he was afraid of death.

The parents wanted it so badly that Dokki could not bend their will, so he ran.

He ran until his soles burst, crossed the border of the central continent, and managed to run through the night.

It might not have been a big deal to have just one child run away for the enemy tribe.

There was no pursuit.

As such, Dokki lived and all he knew was fighting, so he wandered around the battlefield.

From time to time, Dokki looked for information to see if his roots were still alive. The money he earned on the battlefield went sometimes to con men and sometimes to well-meaning informants.

That’s how I came to know.

There was no longer a wingless hawk tribe. They were all dead and the roaring elephant clan devoured several nearby tribes and grew in size.


The opponent was too big to dream of it.

Dokki learned the word ‘give up’ in the central continent and got used to living here.

And that’s how I met Chris.

“Why did you come to the Central Continent?”

Chris asked.


His spear blade struck the ax blade. He barely twisted his arm and pulled it out because he was worried about destroying the weapon.

The ax gave a simple and clear answer.

“If you beat me, I will let you know.”

“Alright then.”

Chris, the first time I saw him, he was a snarky soldier who thought he was going to die soon. He became a knight, a nobleman, and now the protagonist of a poem written by a bard.

Dokki didn’t want to see Chris, because whenever he saw him he remembered that he had given up. Because this man was different from himself.

Chris did not know to give up. He always found the light in a dark situation.


Dokki pounded the ground with his feet. With his original talent and with the power Chris gave him. He wasn’t weak at all. When he put strength on his hand, the tendon popped out above the back of his hand.

The opponent was strong, but even so, Dokki never imagined himself losing to anyone.

Even if it was Chris. The blood of the wingless hawk clan, the best warrior, was running through his body.

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