Chapter 127 – The Story of A Low Rank Soldier Becoming A Monarch [Novel]


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Baron Sabnak returned to his territory and clicked his tongue. In just two days, Chris Fraunmunt struck the Count Vantes. It was a one-sided invasion without a common declaration of war.

“Send a letter to the royal palace immediately!”

The fastest bird flew. Four days later, an answer came from the royal palace. The content of the long letter was simple.

[I will send someone to check.]

It was to find out where the fight between the two territories started and what the problems were.

In order to understand the series of events, Viscount Bentham-Soil of Count Ludwig’s territory stepped in.

Sabanak sat in the dark room with his arms crossed, contemplating.

‘Okay. I have seen your strength.’

He also witnessed the momentum that his knight, Jereple, was momentarily terrified.

Chris Fraunmunt was strong. His power was real. If you had a sharp blade, it was enough to fight in a place that the blade could not reach. It was enough to deal with it with the mouth instead of the sword.

Bean Sabnak had the confidence to bury him in the noble society.

By striking the Count Vantes, he showed the strength not to fall under anyone, but on the contrary, it was nothing more than giving a chance to those who want to contain him.

‘What do you know of nobleman’s politics?’

Baron Sabnak laughed at Chris inwardly.

After a fortnight, Count Ludwig’s vassal, Bentham Soil, sent a report to the palace based on what he had seen and heard.

Bean Sabnak also used people to try to figure out how things were going. Bentham Soil did not bother to hide a series of facts.

“Yod Vantes communicated with the Eight Gates, and that fact appears to have been made by the order of Count Vantes, so he is sentenced to death.”

The fast troops of the royal palace transported Count Vantes. Count Vantes, who had lost the knight, remained idly and was struck.



Bean Sabnak couldn’t contain his anger and smashed the table. The teacup on the table floated in the air and rolled noisily to the floor.


Baron Sabnak thought as he looked at the broken teacup.

‘You mean he has more than just brute force?’

His eyes looked towards the Fraunmunt estate. His saliva was dry and he felt like someone was grabbing his heart.


After Count Ludwig died, I thought that there were no opponents in the area, but a worse one appeared.

‘I can’t leave him.’

In the empty restaurant, the baron’s eyes burned dangerously as the warm tea in the broken teacup cooled.

The more outrageous actions one showed, the more one had to endure.

For example, if the Count’s son died and a sword was put to his neck, as it was now, it would be even worse.

People will come from the royal palace, bury their sins, and determine the legitimacy of what I had done.



When I called Lind, he stood close to me.

The royal palace is far from here. They would judge the standards of my conduct by the stories they had heard here.

Is he a harm to the monarchy or not?

Are you a heterogeneous being that has fallen into a noble society, or are you loyal to the country?

“The Count Vantes made a change. His son came to my land, a territory adjacent to the eight gates, and tried to communicate with the enemy.”

“…… You want to write a novel?”

Lind nodded his head as he asked the question.

“Because I can’t be quiet.”

The accident has already happened. If anyone tries to fight a territorial battle with me after I’ve shown them this level of strength, they’re completely insane.

So if they don’t target me with force, I can see what’s next. They will try to narrow my political position.

There were too many loopholes because it wasn’t clear why I hit Count Vantes.

Then I just needed to make the reason.

“Make evidence and cover it up.”

I gave the order more simply and clearly. As soon as he returned, Lind wrote the script and told me.

“We have to plant evidence inside Count Vantes’s territory.”

A great thief was needed. But it was also something you shouldn’t let anyone know.

If caught, it would be the end, but there was also a time when a drastic measure was needed.

“There is a suitable person. do not worry.”

The night I spoke with Lind, an assassin from Eight Gates paid me a visit. It was Rachel, the woman who had tried to kill Streek.

It was a promise we had made when we parted ways. I decided to put a green cloth on the window of the place where I was staying when I needed to call her.

She looked at me and bowed her head.

“Did you find it?”

“Do me a job.”

I don’t have any good thieves, but I’ve an assassin who was faster than a thief.

“Please speak.”

She was also a top-notch assassin who swore allegiance to me outwardly. She graciously granted my request.

Not long after, Viscount Bent Soil came and asked about the case with Count Vantes.

“Does it make sense to kill an aristocrat just because a commoner is dead?”

The Viscount, who had been ordered from the royal palace, rebuked me. I put on a somber expression in front of him.

“Actually… … .”

And I recited the script that I made.

“If that were true, even Count Vantes wouldn’t be able to get over it.”

The Viscount in charge of Lowguard was moderately flexible and moderately responsible.

He left for Vantes. It was obvious what happened after that.

A letter was found in the depths of the Count’s castle, and the Wolves were engraved on it.

Some people knew this was my script, some didn’t care.

However, no one believed that Count Vantes actually communicated with the eight gates.


I was having a leisurely afternoon after everything was over. Pumpky came to see me after a long time.

There were citizens who were afraid to see the big wolf and ran away, but Pumpkin didn’t care and stayed by my side.

“Huh, our pumpkins.”

Sometimes it seems that this child is more than a real person. I wonder if he knew I was the owner of the land and refreshingly avoided the surprise and amazement of the others.

He seemed to know that no one could say anything.

In fact, the lord’s wolf was already famous in the area. Still, I couldn’t help but be surprised.

I stroked the pumpkin’s chin and remembered what I had to do afterwards.

If I were the royal court, how would I handle this?

It has already happened. Yod Vantes was killed and the Knights of Vantes were smashed.

In this situation royalists, who are at odds with the nobles in this situation, will throw me out?

That sounds unreasonable. I just gave it a reasonable excuse and it was enough.

‘Actually, these guys are bad boys, so I did my best.’

If I had said it like this.

‘Oh, really? I believe you. Hey, you know brother cares about you, right?’

The royal palace replied this way.

What are you going to do with me, the youngest Wyze knight, a knight who proved his own force, a noble, and protected by the royal family?

In the end, this made me show my presence splendidly, but there was no loss. Rewards came from the kingdom and the nobles around me sent gifts with blessings for my actions.

Of course, as soon as I received it.

“Sell it all off.”

I ordered Jabrien and changed it all to food and daily necessities.

“Pumpkin, I’m busy today.”


Thanks to Murdock, I was able to gather quite a few medicinal herbs from the surrounding area and made snacks for Pumpkin in the spare time.

“Do you like this?”


Pumpkin snorted lightly. I put a snack in his mouth.

Munch Munch.

He chews well. Oh, look at those fangs. If you get caught by him, the monster will be over in one bite.

“Pumpkin, will you be friends with your brother forever?”


I think he’s saying he understands.

I left Pumpkin and went outside. It was hot weather. Spring was almost gone and summer was approaching.

As I walked through the estate, the young people looked at me and bowed their heads.

“Hello, my lord.”

Even after making a killing commotion, people still smile and greet me.


“It’s nice day. My Lord.”

Why couldn’t it have ended there? Somehow, there was a woman who seduced the lord.

She gently raises the skirt, she has very pretty legs.

“Yeah. It’s because it’s hot that you put your skirt up, right?”

“Yes. It is very hot.”

Well, it was half a joke. I destroyed Count Vantes for killing my citizen. So my citizens couldn’t hate me.

“Eat this!”

It’s freshly baked bread. The steamy thing looks so delicious.

“Why are you only giving bread? He will get thirsty.”

The person who gave the bread was a middle-aged man, and the woman who gave the milk seemed to be the man’s wife.

“Oh, I was about to get hungry.”

I ate the wheat bread and drank the milk on the spot.

I came out after eating, but I’m in trouble. Still, my stomach was strong, so I didn’t even flinch.

Although the land was barren for farming, there was no problem in raising livestock. Thanks to this, milk and eggs were self-sufficient. They had to buy fodder to feed their livestock, but still, this was somewhere.

People were trying to come up with a way to live. I was just helping with that.

They wanted to live and I was just a little help for them.

It was people who made up the territory.

And so it was they who made me a lord.

The name of the woman who cried holding the dead man was Lydia. She groaned for a month, then came to me and said.

“I want to be the lord’s handmaiden.”

I said yes. I did not guess what she was thinking.

Was it compensation for my revenge on her behalf, or did she just want something else by my side?

I didn’t even want to know. A man died and the Count Vantes was removed from the list of Sercado nobles.

I realized one thing about this. Citizens are weak. I, Lind, Digo, Doki and Alice were different.

People are the most important part of my land, but they are too weak.

They seemed to break down at the touch of a hand.

Even if only ten goblins enter this place right now, all the people who greeted me will die.

The city girl who mischievously seduced me will die.

The couple who gave me bread and milk will die.

I couldn’t stand it. I couldn’t let them die.

“We need to increase our security forces.”

Streek came up with a theory to my concerns.

“Where are you going to get the troops?”

We can’t find anyone to raise livestock, and we haven’t yet accumulated the funds to operate a professional army.

“And that’s something you can’t solve.”

Was it an accident that Yod Vantes’ escort knight cut off the man’s arm? Or was that intended?

I think both. It was an event that he intended, but his death was an accident.

“There is no other way but to increase the number of troops.”

Streek concluded that way.

I have told this to everyone, and everyone has given their proper opinion. From the beginning, one of the ways was to control the coming and going of people.

“But if you take a closed policy, you will have a big problem.”

A territory that should grow must be active in trade. This land was not farmland, so if trade stopped, it was going to be a dead land.

“Dokki doesn’t know.”

Yeah. I didn’t think you’d be helpful in this matter.

“Hmm. It’s not an easy problem.”

Louis was same as Dokki, not helpful at all.

My troubles were solved in an unexpected place.

“Why don’t you roll them so that they won’t die?”

“Hey, did you become an ogre even in the brain?”

At that, Alice criticized him.

“Do you want to fight?”

It was not a new appearance because they were often quarreling.

“Have you heard of Oken?”

said Lind. Oken, if this was the central continent, he was referring to the eastern continent.

It’s a large land located in the east, where the great powers that block the monsters in the east are set up. I had the same thought when I heard Digo’s words.

I think it’ll work.

I had a feeling.

That said, I wasn’t the one predicting that possibility. It was worth a try.

“Did you call me?”

Murdock and the children. Now you’re a complete herbalist, with all your fingertips dark.



When I called him, he looked at me.

Let’s sell the medicine first.

“You don’t want to spend your whole life digging herbs from the land, do you?”


“There is something you have to do for this land.”

“Please name it.”

“Be a ranger. Protect this land and keep it moving.”

At that, Murdock looked at me and said, his hands shaking.

“I will dedicate this body.”

“I would like to request the same favor to you who follow Murdock. If you don’t want to, you can lead your current life.”

I dared to use the word “request”, to show my earnestness on my face instead of smiling.


Everyone knelt down and shouted.

“I’ll do my best!”

Did you sell too much medicine?

“What are you doing?”

I met Murdock and the children in front of Tekil’s house. Kneeling in front of someone else’s house and vowing loyalty. It might look a little weird.

“Oh, Tekil. I need to talk to you for a moment.”

Tekil went back into the house, and as I followed I saw Louis waiting for me.

“What’s wrong?”

I felt like he wanted to get out of this hell right away. Were you always this impatient?

No, Tekil’s training had the effect of making people feel bad.

“Nothing’s going on. Cheer up, Louis.”

I turned away from him and sat face to face with Tekil.

I said what I needed to say to him and he frowned.

“Do you think that makes sense?”

“Let’s make the nonsense make sense.”

When I said that, Tekil took a deep breath.

“You are only making things more troublesome.”

Then, should we just leave high-quality people like you? I’ll use them to the fullest.

“There are people waiting outside who can withstand any training, so if you don’t want to try it against them, you have to find another way. I won’t interfere, so please do it yourself.”

It was entirely up to Tekil to do this.

Finally, Tekil nodded.

Do Murdock and the children know their future? I gently opened the gates of hell to them and stepped back.

Mistakes are expected so if something doesn’t make sense then just try to understand the situation and make something up by yourself.

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