Chapter 122 – The Story of A Low Rank Soldier Becoming A Monarch [Novel]


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“Streek is here, neither a commander, nor a soldier!”
(TL Note: Look Manhwa Chapter 43 to see who he is.)

I heard a familiar voice. I looked at him and smiled.

I think his expression was a mixture of happiness and complexity.


I told Murdock to find his dream.

To Tekil, I told him to take responsibility.

And to Streek, I told him the harsh words.

‘You are not qualified as a soldier, so just take care of my territory.

If he came, I would use him properly. However, it is true that Streek was not suitable for battle.

I wonder what Streek would normally think of me. Even if I wanted him, I wouldn’t be able to accept him if he didn’t like me .

“Those soldiers in the back…”

Before my words were over.

“About a hundred soldiers said they wanted to join you.”

The army came, but it was not to invade the territory, but to protect it. This is also ‘buy one get one’.

As I hoped for Streek, one of the white troops joined him.

I looked behind him, and there was another familiar face. When I looked at him, he bowed his head and smiled.

The tenth commander, Ralph, or rather the civilian Ralph now that he had been transferred from the Count’s army.
(TL Note: Look in Manhwa Chapter 43)

I’ve been with him since he was in the 7th Infantry Division under Canorock, so how could not I be happy?

He wasn’t the only one. All one hundred soldiers were comrades who had fought alongside me. Many of them suffered injuries and lost arms or legs.

I was glad to see them all. And Streek standing in front of me looked around and showed a firm look in front of me.


“I knew this would be the case, but it really didn’t go far from my expectations. If you don’t have discipline, who will see you as a lord?”

I didn’t even have time to pay attention to that because I had to eat and live before discipline.

Is that what you are saying when you see the dark circles under my eyes? Strekk?

I was going to make a joke out of it as he gave me a scolding. However, Streek’s head, which was supposed to be right in front of me, looked down. Eventually, his body came close to the ground. As soon as he finished, Streek knelt down on one side.

“I, Streek, swear allegiance to the lord and to protect this land until the day I die.”


Old-fashioned guy. I wonder if he has to go this far. I trusted Streek even though he didn’t kneel .

But Streek was a man of his word. If he himself does not take the oath of allegiance, he will not be able to bear it, and force others to be loyal and obedient as well.

A hundred soldiers who saw it knelt down.

“Centurion Ralph, captain of hundred infantry! I want to be under the command of the Lord.”

They were informal, but they had a heart.

Only then did some people know who I was and some people already guessed it.

There were a lot of refugees around who were scared to see armed white people. Those who clenched stones and glared at each other that they would not be beaten gently were surprised and could not continue to speak.

Suddenly the soldiers and the leader knelt down in front of me and shouted, which should be a natural reaction.

I had no intention of forcing loyalty on my people. Loyalty is not something that can be coerced; it must be based on sincerity.

Still, what magic was being demonstrated here and now?

“My Lord!”

The man named Baxter, who had built the house and was in charge of the camp, was first. In response, the refugees around him knelt down one by one.

They must have been bewildered that the man who had been taking care of them was a lord.

It was spectacular. Everyone was kneeling in front of me, and only I was standing.

No, there was one more. Even though Digo and Dokki were swept away by the atmosphere and bowed their heads, even Tekil bowed down to show the respect to the lord.

My best friend approached me with his back straight. Lind looked straight at me as he walked. There was no confusion on his face, only serenity.

Standing in front of me, Lind slowly lowered himself. He put one knee on the ground and placed his right arm horizontally on top of it.

Then, with his head bowed like that, my best friend called me.

“My lord, Baron Fraunmunt and wise master of this land, Lindsonate begs you.”

I was just looking at my friend.

Then Lind looked at me and said.

“Please, allow this Lindsonate to swear allegiance.”

It was impossible to refuse. I am the lord of this land, and I will become even more powerful in the future.

We can’t keep our friendship as friendship forever.

From this day on, there was no one in this land who did not know that I was The Lord.

It was also known to the neighboring territory of Count Ludwig. It was the day when the name Chris Fraunmunt, the owner of the Fraunmunt land, was known to the public.

I expected Streek to show superior ability to operate the territory than the military, and that hit the mark.

“City building cannot be done immediately. The first thing to do is to stop the monster invasion with the power of people, so maximize the number of soldiers.”

He also made a statement that took the core of the matter in its own way.

“You know what I need for that, right?”

“Why always beat around the bush about the need for money?”

Drenched in sweat, Louis handed me a dry cloth, shaking his arm. I sent Louis under Tekil as soon as his body was healed, and he was suffering from excruciating muscle aches.

I roughly wiped off my sweat and enjoyed the warm wind. It was a pleasant day with warm winds as winter receded and spring approached.

I couldn’t slack off on my practice, so I got moving, and when I was done, Streek came over.

“It’s going to be hard to dig up rock salt.”

“Yes, if I had the manpower to use there, I’d rather let them go hunting.”

Streek added to my words.

That’s right. I couldn’t take it out and use it even though there was gold called rock salt. It was a problem even if I took it out overboard right away.

The country has a monopoly on salt.

In other words, salt from the land of Serkado is basically eaten by the Royal palace. Even if I did a lot of pretty things and said the state would buy the salt from this land, they would never give me a decent price.

It would be extorted wantonly under the guise of taxation. It is too bad. How could I have meekly handed over that money.

Of course, I had no intention of paying a huge tax for salt sales rights.

“What about painting?”

“It’s nice to sell fine art, but well, can it be sold for the price it deserves?”

The more expensive art, the better it should meet its owner. No matter how resourceful Yabrian was, it was an agent’s job to sell the Prince’s paintings in a yard that was not touched by a high-ranking aristocrat.

There was no place to get money right away.

At times like this, I missed hundred daggers group. If you run a bandit and information guild, you can make money. There are times when information that will be money comes in easily.

After being nauseous and having an appetite again, I decided to do what is currently possible. Even if I don’t have hundred dagger group or I can’t develop a salt mine right away, there are plenty of ways to make money.

“Let’s invite invite the nearby lords.”

It was time to declare that I was the owner of this land to the nearby lords, including Weehain. I was going to show my face, get some territoriality, and get the hateful gaze from Weehain.

“Are you inviting other lords in this situation?”

Thanks to a few log cabins lying around, it looked like a ‘village’.

However, it was a very insufficient facility to be regarded as the center of a territory.

“Then what, will you build a castle, light a silver candlestick, and invite the chefs of the royal palace?”

I’m full. If I had that kind of money, I’d build a blacksmith shop. Strick didn’t seem to like the idea, so I added a few words secretly.

“We’ll make good money when the lords come.”

“ …… Do you intend to extort money from the lords?”

“What do you think of me?”

In terms of force alone, the Praunmunt territory is definitely not weak. Even if it is not a hundred soldiers, there are five Wyze users.

Lois, although he is still inexperienced, but there is also Tekil.

Oh, six, including Alice. Yeah, it’s a monstrous territory.

I was glad it was my territory. It’s okay to fight a territory battle with all your strength, but you can’t do that from the start.

“I’m not a war believer. Call the lords.”

“Okay, I got it.”

Thanks to Streek in charge of housekeeping, it became easier to breathe. So I had a lot of thoughts.

I clenched my hand and opened it. The grip that burst on the first battlefield became an indelible scar and remained.

“It’s slow.”

I didn’t feel like I was growing through training. The reason is that the skill level did not increase visibly, but also because what I was learning and acquiring in my body was murky and didn’t resonate. I didn’t feel like I was on the right path.

Even though it was natural, I was nervous.

I’ve walked on various paths, but I’ve never walked on the path of a knight.

It was a problem that I faced once in a while when I walked on a different path. And the answer to this problem was not me, but others.

You don’t have to struggle alone on purpose while leaving a fast path.

“Where’s Tekil?”

When I asked Louis, his complexion turned pale.

Tekil, what did you do to this man, he is dying.

“ …… That person is a demon. He might be in hell. …….”

If he isn’t, he might go because of one of the guys.

“Wake up.”

“Oh, sorry. Lord. Maybe he’s on the training ground.”

“Work hard.”

I left Lois behind and went looking for Tekil.

Tekil was recalling the past.

He had hit arrows with a sword before. It was difficult even for a fairly skilled knight. Now that he thinks about it, it was a lot of luck.

A knight is an expert in combat, not a superhuman. Superhuman refers to Wyze users, those who had reached a certain tier. Only when they rose to at least the fourth level, the “overhuman” stage, could they be called superhuman.

Over-human refers to a Wyze user who has the fuselage sight to catch flying arrows and the athletic ability that makes it possible.

“What level are you now?”

“Second Level.”

Only 2nd Level.

Even so, there is no one in Serkado who doesn’t know him. In the Eight gates, he became a knight who wanted to kill.

It was also said that the baron had given him the title of Knight.

Chris naturally pushed his subordinates under Tekil. Lois was one of them.

“I can’t use the spirit now.”

Squire, who has a lot of skills, said he doesn’t stand out even though he’s better than them.

Maybe that’s not surprising. The Deigo, Lind, and Axe under his command are well refined. That’s enough to get along with any knight level.

Lois’s training was no different than before. There was nothing to lose time.

So what about Chris?

Tekil was a man who did not set his limits. If in the past he had been grinding and polishing physical and weapons, now he was focused on training people.

Tekil asked, looking at Chris, who came to visit him.

“Are you stuck?”

Even if everyone spoke formally, the disciple, who is now a noble and lord, nodded.

“It’s frustrating.”

It was a problem he expected, a wall that would naturally come. In Tekil’s view, Chris’s talent was real, but there was a lot to be lacking.

He easily felt the limits. But at times, he easily surpassed that limits.

Of course, the problem now was not a problem that could be solved by talent alone.

“From today onwards, you and I fight once a day.”

Tekil said. Chris nodded without saying a word.

Tekil also did not want to talk long. In his eyes, he could see exactly what Chris needed. He is a Wyze user and would achieve feats that he could not reach.

Although that could stay.

“You’re still a new chick.”

The number of times he was in the battlefield was only two. Of course, both of time he has achieved incredible feats.

‘But it’s still not enough.’

If he was a knight who took over his skills and even used Wyze, he had to work harder.

Tekil decided to be strict.

Chris, who was glancing at him, shook his hand and opened his mouth.

“I look forward to your kind cooperation, Tekil.”

The moment he said those words, Tekil knew that he had stood here because he wanted to, but he also knew that Chris had wanted a moment like this.

Sometimes Tekil was right on target .

Whether it’s quick-witted or an instinctive ability of an animal’s ability.

Dealing with herbal medicine was good without having to learn from someone again.

I didn’t need anyone to teach me how to deal with herbs, to find my way, to find treasure or to command a small battlefield.

I’ve done it all.

The battlefield was also rich in experience in this life, but it was still lacking.

I needed a stronger, burly opponent than me. It was necessary to fight them. I had to meet and fight people with clever attacks that I didn’t think of.

It was said that a great knight is made from a thousand duels and a hundred battles.

No matter how much artifact gives my body excellent talent.

It took a thousand duels and a hundred battles to make it all truly mine.

Experience and hard work should knock and harden the human being.

Originally, you would have to wander around the continent looking for battles, asking for duels from famous knights.

If not, you will have to go to the Royal Palace and spend your time competing with those in the capital.

In conclusion, I didn’t have to.

In front of my eyes, there was a combat expert who was alone but could fight like dozens of people, with ten different fighting styles.

A man who is more experienced than any knight and has a variety of combat methods.

“I look forward to your kind cooperation. Tekil”

“Me too.”

Sometimes you don’t have to say it, you just know each other. It’s the moment when we feel connected, when we have the same thoughts.

Tekil first stepped up and held me to what I felt I needed.

My heart was pounding.

It was a spring day when winter passed. The sun was warm, and I could see People moving back and forth to eat and live from far away. It was just that kind of day.

I felt like I was receiving a very special gift.

“Let’s start.”

With this day as a starting point, I think I am ready to inherit everything from Tekil. To put it more bluntly, I was inheriting the “experience” from Tekil.

It was around the time when the spring breeze flowed and the heat of summer approached.

The territory was changing as much as the passing time, but there were still many shortcomings compared to the surrounding land.

“Is this the castle of Fraunmunt?”

Instead of the castle gate that couldn’t do its job, a barrier was built next to the collapsed wall and a gate was erected.

That was the gate of the outer castle of Fraunmunt. A well-dressed man approached the two guards standing in front of the shabby gate and asked.

“That’s right.”

As the two soldiers spoke, a group of people appeared behind him.

It was a group of nobles in a shiny wagon.

“Baron Bin Savnak’s coming!”

The neat man standing in front said.

It was the day when nearby lords began to gather in Chris’ territory thanks to invitations for lords ordered by Chris and Streek acted on.

Four days from that day, starting with Bin Sabnak, the surrounding lords began to gather one after another.

He called himself a knight, a legendary figure who became a nobleman from a commoner, and the battlefield hero of the four heroes who stopped two thousand troops and defended the frontier.

There, he made the troubled Fraunmunt his territory.

Who wouldn’t come running out of curiosity?

Thanks to that curiosity and vigilance, all the lords of the surrounding territories had no choice but to gather.

What greeted the lords who entered in that way were the wooden tables and chairs placed roughly in the wide corridor inside the half-broken inner fortress.

“So many people have come.”

There was also a complaint that a person who appeared to be a butler brought a lot of people. Some of the troops who came together for escort had to set up tents outside the outer castle. There was no space to stay inside.

That’s how it went for four days. Finally, the lords of the surrounding area gathered, and some of the lords who came early even glared at those who came late.

The log cabin and the straw bed were not a comfortable environment for them.

It was only at the moment when all of them gathered that Chris Fraunmunt showed his face.

“Nice to meet you.”

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