Chapter 121 – The Story of A Low Rank Soldier Becoming A Monarch [Novel]


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“Hey, Murdock.”

Murdock looked at him as the herbalist called.

(TL Note: I think Murdrock appeared in the Chapter 25 of the Manhwa).


“That…… is that little guy not gonna come back? ”

There was a person who allowed the herbalist to maintain a good income. It was also a savior who filled his pocket without his wife knowing.

“Yes, I haven’t seen him lately. I heard he was going to the Royal Palace, but now he doesn’t seem to be coming back.”

The herbalist’s wife said, and Murdock frowned.

“How do you know that?”

“He told me.”

When the herbalist turned his eyes, Murdock turned and went out.


As Murdoch kicked the wooden door open and walked down the street with a grumpy face, no one stopped him.

‘Damn it.’

The person he was before and the person he was now were not the same. He went from being a rowdy Murdock to being a herbalist Murdock.

He got money in his hands and he learned how to work properly. Now he knows how big that small change was in his life.

The moment the man who gave it all left without a word to him, his head became complicated.

Unexplained anger boiled up. Especially because of the recent news.

He heard that man who changed him came back from the Capital.


It is said that he returned to the land of the monsters and he had defeated the monster and taken the refugees. It’s a news that he heard while picking the herbs.

Many of the young people in Daybed thought he was still in the Royal palace.

‘Does that mean he doesn’t need me?’

Did he forget all about me already, or else why didn’t he call me?

Chris is not looking for him.

Murdoch felt like someone was holding his chest with a pharynx just thinking about it.

Murdoch shook his head left and right and tried to keep his mind straight.


Why do you want to go to that rugged Fraunmunt estate?

What Squire Chris gave him was not small. I admit it, but it’s that and it’s not.

Is it worth the risk to be with Chris?

“If you come to me, I’ll kick your ass.”

He was bound to get punched before he could kick his ass, and he didn’t dare try to find himself.

That was the reality.

He was walking around like that. Seeing Murdoch’s angry face, people ducked out of the way in the street.

Someone called.


Murdoch turned his head at the voice that called him.

“Who is it?”

He turned his head and saw a man he had never met before.

“Murdock, right?”

“Who are you calling my name?”

His mouth moved as he groaned in anger. If it was something stupid, he would turn into the old ‘Rowdy Murdrock’. With this meaning fierce glare, the man hesitated for a moment and said.

“I’m from the Fraunmunt estate.”

Murdoch forgot what to say for a moment.

‘Estate? Can you call the land an Estate?’

You dealt with the monsters,and the refugees were settled, and the land became Estate? So what about the Lords?

“I came from the Fraunmunt estate under Baron Chris’s order.”

When Murdoch did not speak, the man said again.

Baron, if you call it a Estate, there will be only one owner of the land.

At the end of the word, Murdoch glanced up.

“Hmph. Why now…….”

The words did not end. The man ignored Murdoch’s bickering and said.

“He asked if you were interested in starting in a new place.”

He wanted to say no. However, words did not come out of his mouth. Murdock couldn’t understand himself.

Chris’s errand boy, who saw it, spoke.

“He said, Don’t lower yourself, do what you want.”

Murdock’s eyes widened at these words, and he opened his mouth.

“Why did you come so late?”

“I’m just an errand boy. ”

It means that he didn’t know the details. The man tried to turn around, as he had delivered everything he had to say.

It was only then that Murdock was able to properly examine the man’s face. The man looked tired and exhausted. His arms were dry, showing that he hadn’t eaten properly, and his boots were tattered and were about to fall off.

“First, rest and eat something…”

“No, I have a place to go.”

It seems that the man’s destination did not end here. Murdock had to make a choice soon.

The man seemed to leave for another business right away.

In fact, he had already decided on his answer. What was the reason for the burning pain in his chest?

He tried to be an important person to Squire Chris. It wasn’t like that from the beginning. He made it like that.

“What do you want to do?”

“Is your life happy just because you fill your pockets with more gold coins? Really?”

“You want to let your talents fester and die in the dirt?”

Although mixed with bitter words, but those words became iron stakes and etched in his heart. It made my heart ache with heat.

“When and where do I go?”

“As soon as possible, don’t you know where it is?”

Fraunmunt Estate.

It was the place where he would live his new life.

“All right.”

There was a feeling of clarity. If Chris was in danger, he would share that danger himself.

If he wishes, he will share his gold coins.

If someone saw Murdock and asked him why he did such a stupid thing, he had nothing to answer.

He just wanted to. That’s all there is to it.

“Put this on.”

Murdoch, convinced that the man was sent by Chris, he gave him the boots he was wearing. How much did he run with those feet?

There was no soles.

“…… Are you sure you want to give them to me?”

How absurd it is to suddenly give the boots after showing fierce glare.

“Take them quickly before I change my mind.”

When Murdock said, the man quickly changed his boots and rushed away.

A month after Chris discovered the salt mine, his messenger visited Daybed. That day he met a few people and went back.

That was all. The next day, there were a number of people leaving the daybed.


A man carried a log on each shoulder. His strength was impressive, but so was his balance as he bent over and placed them on his shoulders.


The people who saw it were seeing it every time, but it was new every time.

It is a strange power that is neither human nor human-like. Such a monster is not the only one here.

Baxter went on to ask if anyone had ever built a large log cabin.

“This nearby forest is the road to Daybed, the land where monsters haunt.”

“That’s okay.”

It was a man with dark blue hair. Baxter didn’t even know who he was. He knew Lind and others but not this man.


He didn’t even hesitate to give the order. At his call, a monstrous warrior, at least two heads taller than the others, moved forward.

He turned to the forest and began to cut trees from there. He broke a large tree in half in three strikes, which would have taken two days to do for a skilled lumberjack.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

If only there were such lumberjacks in the world, there would be no forests left on the continent.

“Where should I take it?”

Lind asked.

“We’ll carry it.”

Baxter said. Most of the refugees did not know, but Baxter guessed the identity of their group.

‘Heroes of the wall.’

You can’t just ask them to carry logs.

“It’s inefficient. Don’t worry about it, just give him instructions.”

The dark-blue-haired man stepped out. Baxter had no idea who this guy was.



As soon as he finished speaking, a wolf howl was heard in the distance. Some of the refugees who had come to carry the logs rolled their eyes in fright.

“Don’t worry about that.”

Now that they were here, there was no choice but to trust them. Baxter nodded.

“But we’ll still have to carry them…”

“Don’t worry.”

The dark-blue-haired man with a horse quickly lifted the log himself.


Baxter was speechless.

“Let’s move on!”


Not only Digo, who cut down trees with a loud noise, ut the rest of them were monstrously strong as well.

They carried two logs by themselves, which could barely be lifted by the four people.

Baxter hurriedly instructed them.

“It would be better to build it inside the outer gate. Even a half-collapsed wall would be better than none.”

As he spoke and took the lead, the dark blue-haired man with a log stood beside him. He was so strong that there was no disturbance of breathing while carrying it while walking.

“Have you built any other buildings?”

Baxter was originally a nomad and was not a Serk. He was different from the natives born and raised in Serkado, who happened to settle here and live here.

“My father was in charge of building a city. It was under him that I learned.”

At his words he nodded and looked himself up and down.

“Let’s continue to take care of each other.”

What are you asking me to do?

Thanks to the incredible speed of work, the foundation frame of the log cabin quickly came out.

“I need mud.”

He just spoke and respond was quick.


When the dark blue-haired boy shouted, one of the hero of the wall ran out and got a sack of mud.

“Fill in the gaps. If you do not want to sleep in the winter wind.”

Self-sufficient work mobilized refugees. Originally, it would take more than a month for him to build a house by using his own people.

However, a large log cabin was built in four days.

The house was big enough to be called a hall in a small town.

Even if all five hundred people cannot enter, a hundred or so will have enough rest. As Baxter looked at it with a sense of pride, the dark blue-haired man approached and said.

“I need four more houses.”


Lind who fought off the monsters for them nodded in agreement and looked at him and said.

“Let’s work hard.”

They were monstrous people.

“Who is that guy?”

Baxter, unable to stand his curiosity, asked Lind. Imperceptibly, he baked meat when he was stuck among people, and he built herbs and fed them to the injured.

Several of the refugees, who were all exhausted, and those who were sick, ate the herbs he gave them, and their condition quickly improved.

“Who do you think he is?”

Linder asked rhetorically. Baxter thought to himself, ‘No way’.

‘But why a nobleman?’

Still, the answer was clear. Who will be eager to make this land a place where people can live?

Who would do this if not the owner of this land?

However, the young lord, although a noble, worked more than others, ate less than others, and was busy taking care of refugees.

On the other hand, he carried logs and set order by command. Baxter could not understand him.

“Let’s get to work quickly.”

Lind said. Baxter nodded, unaware. Right now work was more important than understanding that man.

The day was long. I was busy enough that it reminded me my previous life .

Getting a place to stay food was an immediate issue. I was able to procure food somehow.



The wandering people who trade were born merchants, they had the ability to see the truth in the words of others through conversation.

They weren’t going to go anywhere and be cheated.

“Get flour, dried fruits, and things they can eat.”

Pumpkin could get raw meat with a little effort, but it was winter now. It was still before the springtime, so even Pumpkin, a born hunter, couldn’t get meat that wasn’t there.

Thanks to this, I had to empty my pocket, and make full use of Jabrien.


There were no words to tell her what to do, but she moved. She wouldn’t have been playing around all that time.

She was of those people who look for something to trade anywhere and look for the best way to do it.

If A Pathfinder finds the best path to walk, they are the ones who find the best path to trade.

She had already got the things she needed without me telling her.

The surrounding territory to get food, the route to travel, and the problems and solutions that arise.

She would do it on her own, without me telling her. I believed her. Her people, who never cheated and never lied, did not hit others in the back.

The white flag was famous for that.

No matter what happened, whether there were villains and rogues, they won’t go back on contract once they agreed.

After I sent her away, I was still busy. Building a house, doing occasional cooking, and digging up herbs to take care of people.

I could not take care of five hundred people alone, unless I had 10 bodies. There were five hundred people gathered, so there were all kinds of things.

“He stole my food.”

“What! I just took it because you didn’t pay me back what you owed me in the previous village.”

“Bullshit! That’s already burned down in the village!”

“But it doesn’t mean that you don’t owe me!”

In the middle of two people shouting, I clapped my hands and said.

“If you’re going to fight, fight. Instead, it won’t be over until one side dies.”

The harsh words made both men close their mouths.

It was a land where order had not yet been established. There really was a lot of work to be done.

After spending weeks, not days, I was exhausted.

“You might faint.”

Seeing me like that Lind spoke.

“It’s okay.”

It wasn’t okay at all. Although I have overcome the hell training of Tekil and am a Wyze user.

Taking care of people was both mentally and physically draining. I was about to reach my limit.

“Chris, do I have to address you differently now?”

Looks like the smart guy I sent through Lind have done his job.

Murdock and thirty of his men came to me. I don’t know why, but Murdock was teary.

I put my hand out first because I thought if I let it go, he would might hug me. In my hand was a small map.

“It’s a herbal map of the area.”

“…… Yes?”

“Pry as much as possible. And you know how to make it roughly, right?”

“I don’t know how to make it.”

Yeah, can’t count on that. I’ll just suffer a little more.

So it’s time to think.

“Then I’ll do that.”

The man with three fingers blurted out.


His name came out of my mouth. He was the owner of the herb store.

“Three silver coins. Just send me all the sick and injured people for a month.”

“Why are you here?”

I asked in surprise.

“Where is the loyalty that you and I shared?”

Right. I’m the man with his secret funds.

Unexpectedly, he certainly would be of great help. When I sent Murdock, the next person came.

“My training is not over yet.”

Tekil and Alice. There was also the owner of the inn at the intersection next to him.

“I brought a lot of food even though I didn’t have deer meat.”

She said. I wanted Murdock and Tequil. But other people also came with them.

Now the situation was like ‘Buy one, get one’.

“Then why don’t you prepare a meal, take whoever is free and use them, and Tekil, if there is a conflict, resolve it.”

“What about me?”

Alice next to him asked.

“You’ll do the dishes.”

That’s good enough for me.

“Do you want to fight?”

Alice glared.

No, I don’t have the energy to fight right now. Shortly after they arrived, more than a hundred people came along.

“The army is coming!”

The surprised refugee shouted. I had to stop what I was doing and rush out.

The refugees were right. They were soldiers with swords, shields, and spears. Walking in unison, they stepped onto the land of Fraunmunt.

And at the forefront, I could see a familiar face.