Another Manhua Similar to Martial Master


I hope you are doing well. As you all may know that I translate Martial Master Manhua/Manga in my free time. So while going through my daily manga hunt I found another Manhua which has quite the similarities with the Martial Master. I hope you will like it and give it a read.

Dominate the Three Realms Image

Title: Dominate the Three Realms

Summary/Synopsis: Three hundred years ago, he was known as the great Martial Emperor, but the night before his wedding he was betrayed and killed by his fiancee; three hundred years later he is reborn, and this time nothing will be able to stop him from his goal to dominate the three realms!!! (Source: MangaDex)

Similarities With Martial Master

If you have read the Martial Master Manhua then you may have guessed the first similarity. Yup, betrayed by the lover or loved ones.

Other similarities:

  • Both Main Characters were very strong but betrayed by the lover.
  • Both are reborn/reincarnated several hundred years in the future.
  • Both are dead set on taking their things back.
  • Both of the Main Characters new body’s owner was weak and considered as trash.
  • Both main characters were humiliated by the family.
  • Both have a mother who are currently raising them without the help of the father.
  • Both have knowledge of previous life to cultivate faster.

I guess these points are enough to tell you that how similar is story. I am not adding more points to not to spoil the story ahead. The starting point of the stories are similar let’s where they take us to.