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So Pure, So Flirtatious

Author: San Fu Studios, Yu Ren Er Dai

Alternate Name: Very Pure Very Vague, So Pure Very Pure, An Ambiguous Feeling, DK no mousou ren’ai, 很纯很暧昧, 很纯很美好

Artist: DAZUI, Wei Cang

Genres: Chinese , Ecchi , Comedy , Harem , Romance , School Life, Fantasy, Action, Manhua

Release status: Ongoing

Summary: High school student Yang Ming is a typical underachiever. He gets into fights, skips class, and cheats on his schoolwork. When the school flower confronts him, he feels ashamed and wants to change, but he has fallen too far behind.

However, by a stroke of fate, he ends up gaining a pair of contacts that allow him to change his visual perspective, completely altering the course of his future!

Chapter List

Chapter No.Chapter TitleUpload Date
Chapter 360BillSeptember 1, 2021
Chapter 359BoyfriendAugust 24, 2021
Chapter 358DuelAugust 17, 2021
Chapter 357I’m ScaredJuly 28, 2021
Chapter 356Your NameJuly 4, 2021
Chapter 355TrapJuly 3, 2021
Chapter 354Wrong PersonJuly 1, 2021

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