Manga Where Protagonist Reveals To His Friends That He’s Reborn


What’s up! Hope you all are doing great. As title explains today I am going to recommend a manga where main character (protagonist) is reborn again and he reveals the truth to his trusted people.

There are many manga where protagonist is reborn or reincarnated but s/he never reveals it and keep it secret in the whole story. Reading these type of manga sometimes you might have wished that protagonist should at least reveal it to the family or friends or the ones he trusts. Today I am going to recommend a manga where exact such scenario occurs. I hope you will enjoy this manga.

Hiraheishi wa Kako wo Yumemiru

Japanese : 平兵士は過去を夢見る

Summary/Synopsis: It details the life of a mid-rank soldier who died at the very end of the war against the Demon Race. Fortunately for him, he wakes up to find that he’s a baby again, in the embrace of his real mother, years in the past. Determined to avoid the chain of tragedies that took his beloved ones away from him, he takes advantage of the advancements in swordsmanship and magic that developed during the war (as we all know, wars are when many scientific breakthroughs tend to happen), and tries his best to prepare for the demon invasion as well as strengthen himself with maximum efficiency. (Summary taken from Hot Chocolate Scans.)