Dr. Stone Episode 7 Where Two Million Years Have Gone Summary/Spoilers

In the last episode we have introduced to Kohaku who is a primitive. She fought to Tsukasa and he beat her & struck her under a tree. Senku saw the falling tree from far away ran to help Kohaku. Senku helped her by lifting the tree with a pulley. After watching Senku, Kohaku tells him that she has developed a quite liking to him.

In the response to Kohaku’s statement Senku responds with like always logical and ask her is she serious falling for someone suddenly that too in an emergency like situation. Kohaku instantly responds that it is not like that she just likes the people like him and want to work with them. Senku further add to the talks that Love on the mind is the root of the most illogical of problems.

Since it is already night time both of them prepares for the sleep. While sleeping Kohaku holds knife in her hands and Senku asks her in his usual manner that is she some new kind of human that sleeps while clutching knives. Then she replies that even if she is in interested in Senku she can’t trust him that’s how she has lived her life so far by looking out for herself. Senku tells her in a funny mood that he is not strong enough to attack a Lioness. The word Lioness make Kohaku angry and she warns him that she might end up killing him if he not controls his tongue (not in serious tone).

In the morning Kohaku invites Senku to her village since the danger man Tsukasa is their common enemy she proposes the plan to work together to beat him. Kohaku came this far from village due to his daily duty of fetching water of hot spring for her big sister who is in bad condition due to some disease.

Kohaku tells Senku that apart from elders and children there are 40 people in the village. Senku starts thinking “Where from these village people came. There should be someone who has started this civilization. So there could be someone who developed revival formula then why didn’t that person pass on the revival formula and why he didn’t tell anything about science. If this is not the case then where from these people came from and how did they get here?” Senku was still lost in his thoughts and suddenly two men attacks him thank god that Kohaku was there and she saved him from them.

So these two men are village members Kirnou and Ginrou. Both are the gatekeepers of the village and according to village rules they prevents outsider from coming in the village. The reason of this is that they think there is no human outside the village if there is any outsider s/he is likely to be a criminal (or their child) who was exiled from the village. Kohaku warns them that they have to fight with her.

In the meantime Senku starts making bubbles with soap and water (hot spring). Since Kinrou and Ginrou haven’t seen bubbles before both think that this is some kind of Sorcery attack and they starts popping the bubbles with their spears.

After realizing their level Senku starts thinking (loudly) with an evil smile on his face that with the help of science he would easily make villagers his allies (maybe recruit in army).

Kohaku suggests him if his plan is to impress villagers with these kind of tricks then he should met Chrome. Continue…


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