Dr. Stone Episode 6 Two Nations of the Stone World Summary/Spoilers

After acquiring food, shelter and clothing Senku’s fatigue took over him and he suddenly collapsed. Then he thinks if there could be at least one person with physical strength and stamina to help him. Then Senku starts searching for his friend Taiju.

By using his genius abilities senku was able to find him buried in the ground. Now he has to revive him from petrification to do so he has to find the solution for it. Now Senku starts investing for the reason why he was the only one who was able to break through from the petrification.

After racking his brain he was able to come with the theory that it was the Nitric Acid dripping in the cave which helped him to break through the petrification. So he pulled Taiju (statue) in the cave and lie down it under the dripping nitric acid.

Story comes back to present time where Taiju is crying because he thinks the Senku is dead. Senku suddenly comes back to life and surprises both Taiju and Yuzuriha.

He expresses that he is impressed that they were able to realize about his neck just by a little hint he gave. After that Senku comes up with a mission for both of his friends. The plan is that both of them will infiltrate the Tsukasa empire as spies because Tsukasa thinks that Senku is dead and it is necessary to keep him in the lies until Senku develops the science and make some weapons to beat Tsukasa. Both of them finally agreed and said their final goodbyes to Senku and went to dangerous Tsukasa. Senku promises them that he will make the Kingdom of Science.

As of now Stone World has two countries :

  1. Tsukasa Empire
  2. Kingdom of Science.


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